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Pregnancy is a very exciting time in a women’s life, however sometimes the body needs a little extra help to get through this period.

How can we help?

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Clinical based Pilates tailored specifically for the pregnant Mum-to-be is a safe effective form of exercise run by our experienced Physiotherapists.

We use Matwork and Equipment based Pilates to focus on the specific needs of the pre-natal woman, focusing most specifically on upper body strength and posture, pelvic stability exercises, deep core and pelvic floor strengthening.

And for after you have your bub, we welcome you back to continue to maintain and increase your strengthening programme, focus on your pelvic floor strength, and enjoy some time with other new Mums (either with or without your little one!).


With all of the changes happening as a result of the pregnancy, sometimes a visit to the Physiotherapist is recommended.

We treat a variety of conditions;

  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Pelvic Girdle pain (PGP)
  • Upper back/ribcage pain
  • Continence issues
  • All advice and management for the pregnant woman

If you have any questions, would like advice, or to book in a Pilates class or Physiotherapy session, give us a call! (03) 9645 2183

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